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Friday the 13th Reboot Eyes Director David Bruckner To Helm

Friday the 13th Reboot Eyes Director David Bruckner To Helm

Friday banner
director David Bruckner

director David Bruckner

We all have to accept that FRIDAY THE 13THis getting another reboot. I guess it needs it after the horrible fucking 2009 remake. Paramount and Platinum Dunes have been talking about a reboot for a little over a year now and previously put a second FRIDAY THE !#TH film on hold. But I guess they feel the time is right to flood theaters with yet another standard, shitty…

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Frankenhooker (1990)

Frankenhooker banner

“Wanna date? Going out? Looking for some action?

Frankenhooker posterHorror filmmaker Frank Henenlotter is one of the few directors who has been able to capture the sleaze and depravity of the lost, bygone 42nd Street/Grindhouse era. Henenlotter is of course the director of 1982s BASKET CASE, 1988s BRAIN DAMAGE, BASKET CASE’s sequels, and 2008s criminally overlooked BAD BIOLOGY. All of Henenlotter’s films put the…

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Death Do Us Part Gets North American Release

The horror-thriller, DEATH DO US PART, has landed a North American DVD distribution deal. The film is written by Ryan Copple, Peter Benson, and Julia Benson, is directed by Nicholas Humphries, and stars Julia Benson, Peter Benson, Emilie Ullerup, Christine Chatelain, Kyle Cassie, and Benjamin Ayres.

12 Monkeys TV Show Coming to SyFy

12 Monkeys TV Show Coming to SyFy


The SyFy Channel has greenlit the TV series 12 MONKEYS, based on the Terry Gilliam movie of the same name that starred Brad Pitt and Bruce Willis. Check out the press release:





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From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014)

From Dusk Till Dawn: The Series (2014)


FDTD16The best part about having a puppy (or a child I suppose, though I bet most children don’t smell like popcorn) is that you get to introduce her to things that you love – pizza, pretzels, Doctor Who, John Carpenter – and to warn her about things she should avoid – vampire movies, mainly.

Not all vampire movies, of course. Max Shreck, Lugosi of course, Hammer movies. Not so many recent ones,…

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Red-Band, NSFW Trailer Drops for Catch of the Day

Red-Band, NSFW Trailer Drops for Catch of the Day

Catch of the Day banner

Catch of the Day posterIt’s always great news when I open up my email and have a new NSFW red-band trailer for James Balsamo’s latest film!! Balsamo’s latest flick, CATCH OF THE DAY, promises to be just as bat-shit crazy as his previous films. CATCH OF THE DAY is written and directed by Balsamo and stars some very familiar names like Jeff Kim, Jason Mewes, Irwin Keyes, James Duval, Tuesday Knight, Nick Principe, Debbie…

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Horror-Thriller Candiland Jumps into Pre-Production

Horror-Thriller Candiland Jumps into Pre-Production

Candiland banner

Candiland posterDon’t worry, this CANDILANDis not a film version of the popular kids board game!! CANDILAND promises to be a horror-thriller in every respect. Based on Elizabeth Engstrom’s novel and written by Rusty Nixon, the film is also directed by Nixon and stars James Clayton, Chelah Horsdal, and Gary Busey. CANDILAND explores the themes of loneliness and heartbreak and how reaching out to someone can lead…

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Watch Marvin Suarez’s The Chase Right Here!!

I haven’t heard from New York indie horror filmmaker Marvin Suarez for a while. Suarez wrote and directed the 2010 zombie short, …

Trailer Drops for Adam Gierasch’s Fractured

The official trailer has dropped for Adam Gierasch’s noir-horror film, FRACTURED. FRACTURED is directed by Gierasch, written by Gierasch and  Jace Anderson and stars Callum Blue, Vinnie Jones, Ashlynn Yennie, Nicole LaLiberte, and Jon Eyez.

The Border Goes into Pre-Production

The Border Goes into Pre-Production

The Border banner
writer-director Spencer Gray really cares about his victims ... I mean actresses!!

writer-director Spencer Gray really cares about his victims … I mean actresses!!

I hope by now you  know that I only support crowd-funding projects that I really believe in. I get many, many emails asking me to post about various crowd-funding projects but all of them don’t make it up on  my site. But I received an email earlier today and after looking at it this one looks pretty badass. THE…

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