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At the Devil’s Door (2014)

At the Devil’s Door (2014)

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3vcTNIWKOne of my earliest reviews for Anythinghorror involved a movie called THE PACT (have a read of it here), a 2012 film from writer/director Nicholas McCarthy. McCarthy had started out making documentary shorts on feature films such as ROBOCOP, STARSHIP TROOPERS, SILENCE OF THE LAMBS, and THE PRINCESS BRIDE, and in 2011 he made an eleven-minute short film, THE PACT, starring Jewel Staite (TV’s…

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Odd Thomas (2013)

Odd 12

Odd 6I can be a verbose writer. Very wordy, going off on tangents and generally sprawling myself out like a walrus hogging the whole couch and making you kids sit on the floor. Sometimes, concise is better.

Especially when there’s not much to say about a subject. Take this movie I’m writing about now, ODD THOMAS, a film adaptation of the book by Dean Koontz. First published in 2003, the book, about a…

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The Strain (2014)

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Strain 3You know, I remember a time when the scariest thing on television was Sesame Street’s Count. Seriously, the way he’d look directly into the camera, DIRECTLY INTO MY SOUL, and see me sitting on my parents’ couch in my Spider-Man pyjamas, and I knew, I KNEW, that he would visit me in bed that night, pull out all my teeth, and count them, one by one, while I choked on my own blood.

Sure, I was…

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The House That Dripped Gore (2012)

The House That Dripped Gore (2012)

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House that Dripped Gore posterWhere to begin on this one … where to begin!! THE HOUSE THAT DRIPPED GORE, written by author and indie horror filmmaker Dan West, was probably the best surprise I’ve had all summer. I gotta be honest here; the majority of the Hollywood and indie horror releases I’ve been watching this year have been pretty damn shitty. Shittier than usual. Sure there have been a few great surprises, like Bloody…

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Circus of the Dead (2014)

Circus of the Dead (2014)

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CotD love


It’s no mystery to regular readers of Anything Horror that I’ve been looking forward to seeing Billy “Bloody Bill” Pon’s debut feature length film, CIRCUS OF THE DEAD. I’ve been following the development of this film since around September 2012 and can thankfully write that it was well worth the wait!! CIRCUS OF THE DEAD has easily taken an early lead as being my favorite film of 2014. This,…

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Test Review (???)

This is a test to see if I can format pictures.

GAZA/JERUSALEM, July 18 (Reuters) – Israel intensified its land offensive in Gaza with artillery, tanks and gunboats on Friday and warned it could “significantly widen” an operation Palestinian officials said was killing ever greater numbers of civilians. Palestinian health officials said 27 Palestinians, including a baby, two children and a…

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Blood Lake: Attack of the Killer Lamprey’s is Coming to DVD/Blu-Ray

I’m gonna fall back on an oldie but goodie cliche: Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water!!

Teaser Trailer Drops for The Guest

Teaser Trailer Drops for The Guest

The Guest banner

The Guest posterDid you like YOU’RE NEXT? Did you like the blending of action and horror in it? If you did then you’ll like this bit of news. The team behind 2011s YOU’RE NEXT is back with THE GUEST and I’ve got the teaser trailer for you. THE GUEST is directed by Adam Wingard, written by Simon Barrett, and stars Ethan Embry, Dan Stevens, Candice Patton, Maika Monroe, and Lance Reddick. Check out the plot crunch:

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The Zombie and the Coed Stoner (2014)

The Zombie and the Coed Stoner (2014)


CatZS1A few years ago, I was a member of a terrific improvisational comedy group called Comedysportz. Established in America (Manchester, England, has the only non-US team, and I was the token Yank), it consists of performers competing against each other in family-friendly, Whose Line Is It Anyway-style games based on suggestions from the audience (“You’re a Scottish Hitler flirting with a duck, in the…

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Dark Floors (2008)

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darkfloors2dOh Lordy, Lordy, Lordi…

I could stop the review right there, that joke’s probably the most entertaining part of this film, and it’s not even in it.

For our non-European readers, the Eurovision Song Contest is a funny thing: about nine hundred and thirty countries send some nobodies out to represent them, singing forgettable ballads and cheesy love songs in the covert hope that they don’t win and…

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